Security Doors

SP Interior Solutions offers you custom fitted Security Doors and Fly Screens which will keep you and your family safe from intrusion and will give you peace of mind.

Our Security Doors and Fly Screens are all manufactured in Melbourne and installed by one of our experienced installers.


The security door frames are made of Aluminium and the mesh comes in a wide range to suit your requirement.

Stainless Steel Security Doors

Our Stainless Steel Security Doors offer you the flexibility of a clear view and ventilation while maintaining security for your family. The stainless steel doors are manufactured from High Tensile Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel, combined with aluminium frames making it strong and durable.

Based on your preference, you could get security doors as hinged security doors or sliding security doors. The hinged security doors come with a door closer and the option of a triple lock.


X Guard Privacy - One Way Mesh Doors

The X Guard Privacy – One Way Mesh Door is a high quality aluminium mesh that gives you security while limiting the view from outside. Our X Guard mesh can be used for hinged doors and sliding doors.

Aluminium Perforated Mesh Doors

Aluminium Perforated Mesh Doors – This mesh is durable and gives a greater visibility and viewing angle unlike any other mesh. Aluminium perforated mesh only comes in Black while the door frame is available in a wide range of colour options to suit your preference.


Diamond Grill Barrier Doors

The Diamond Grill Barrier Door is a contemporary style security door that is suited for both hinged and sliding doors. The diamond grills come in a range of colour, with a standard Fiber Glass Mesh. All grilles are made from 7mm thick tempered aluminium for maximum strength and security.

Diminished Vision Aluminium (D.V.A) One Way Mesh Doors

Diminished Vision Aluminium (D.V.A) One Way Mesh is manufactured to limit the visibility into your home while maintaining the view outside. It is manufactured using thousands of tiny downward facing holes punched into a fine flat sheet of aluminium allowing you to see outside without being seen.


Fly Screens and Fly Doors

Fly Screens and Fly Doors lets you enjoy the additional ventilation in your home while keeping insects out. The Aluminium framed screens are cost effective and come with standard Fiber glass / Nylon mesh.

Fibre Glass / Nylon Mesh

Fibre Glass / Nylon Mesh is ideal for fly window screens and fly doors as it is made of woven nylon and provides good airflow and visibility. It will let you enjoy the ventilation while keeping insects away. It is Not graded as a security mesh.


Aluminium Mesh

Aluminium Mesh is durable and meets the Australian Standard for building and construction of aluminium mesh screens in Bush-fire prone areas. It is also suitable for Fly Screens and Fly Doors in areas of your house where there is a lot of movement. It is Not graded as a security mesh.

Tough Mesh

Tough Mesh is stronger than Aluminium mesh as it’s wire strands are twice the diameter as Aluminium mesh. Based on your preference, you could use it for your Fly Doors and Diamond Grill Barrier Doors for added strength.


Warranty Period


Heavy Duty Door Frame : 1 Year Warranty

Austral Hinged & Sliding Lock / Triple Lock : 1 Year Warranty

Stainless Steel Mesh : 10 Years Warranty

X Guard One Way Mesh : 05 Years Warranty

Aluminium Perforated Mesh : 05 Years Warranty

Colour Chart for Door Frames and DVA Mesh

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