Plantation Shutters

We custom make all plantation shutters to fit any size or shape of window. Plantation shutters come in Timber, Aluminium and PVC, PVC Shutters being our most popular option.

With it’s unique style, plantation shutters look great in almost any environment giving you easy control of light and privacy. Its versatile and increases energy efficiency.

Plantation shutters can be mounted inside (recess fit) or outside (face fit) window frames.

PVC Plantation Shutters
Wooden Plantation Shutters
PVC Plantation Shutters

Basswood Plantation Shutters

Basswood is strong yet light, with tight pores and a fine uniform texture with a unique grain. Which results in a very smooth and consistent, high quality finish after being sanded, painted or stained, unlike less expensive timber.

Our Premium Basswood shutters are available in 3 louvre sizes, 09 shades of white and 10 stains. Basswood shutters come with a 5 year warranty.


Aluminium Plantation Shutters

Aluminium shutters are versatile and can be installed either indoor or outdoor. As it can withstand high temperatures and is able to span far wider than PVC or wooden shutters, it makes it the ideal choice for homes with wide glass areas and for windows or doors that require maximum view.

Our Aluminium shutters are powder coated with satin finish making it look like painted wood shutters. They come with a 25 year warranty for internal shutters and a 10 year warranty for external shutters. The internal shutters are available in 6 modern paint colours while the external come in 4 standard paint colours. Please check on colour availability before placing your orders.

PVC Plantation Shutters

PVC plantation shutters are water resistant making them the perfect solution for the wet areas in your house such as bathrooms, laundries and kitchens. They are also great for use in warmer climates with higher humidity.
They come with a 25 year warranty and are engineered to withstands high temperatures, making PVC shutters the ideal choice to withstand Australia’s harsh environment. These shutters are available in 7 shades of white and 3 louvre sizes.


Shutter Construction

Louvre Size – Our plantation shutters come in 64 mm, 89 mm and 114 mm size louvres.

Tilt Rod – Most tilt rods are hidden or have a clear-view. The metal tilt rod is located at the back of each panel on the same side as the hinge.

Split Tilt – Louvre rotations are split into multiple rotations, or tilts, giving you better closure, greater light control and privacy. Panels over 1000 mm in height will be manufactured with a split tilt by default, or you can specify your preferred split tilt location.

Mid Rail – It’s a horizontal rail used to strengthen tall panels or accommodate mullions that may impede rotation of louvres. A mid-rail is required for panels greater than 1600 mm in height. A second mid-rail is required for heights greater than 2400 mm.

Shutter Panel Mounting Style

Hinged Panels – Hinged panels are the most popular choice for shutters. The shutters are within a frame and installed inside the window or on the face of the window frame. The panel could be hinged directly to the window frame as well using hanging strips. Wider windows are broken into multiple panel layouts using T posts.

Bifold Hinged Panels – This is commonly used in smaller windows where clearance is required over kitchen or bathroom taps. Two panels are hinged together to bifold in the window without the use of a top or bottom track. Due to the weight of the two panels, a maximum of two panels can be hinged together with a restriction to the panel width.

Fixed Panels – Panels can be fixed into place to accommodate taps or household fixtures that may impede the use of hinged panels. It can also be used between rooms as a divider.

These panels will be installed with top and bottom U channels, and magnet fixing allowing for easy removal of panels while providing light control from both sides of the panels.

Track Bifold Panels – Multiple panels are hinged together and connected to a top and bottom tracking system using wheel carriers and bottom guides. Tracks are attached to the headboard and a fascia is supplied to cover and conceal tracking and hardware.

Track Bypass Panels – Sliding panels are connected to a top and bottom track using wheel carriers and bottom guides. This is an ideal layout for doorways. Tracks are attached to the headboard and a fascia is supplied to cover and conceal tracking and hardware.

Hinged Panels


Bifold Hinged Panels


Track Bypass Panels


There are multiple frame options for hinged panels depending on the condition and requirement for the window. Frames can be mounted inside (recess fit) or outside (face fit) the window. Panels can also be mounted directly into the recess using hang strips. However, this could draw more attention to problem areas of the window. Frames are useful for windows that are out of square to hide any resulting gaps.

The available frame options are seen below.

Plantation Shutter Frame Options


Recess Fit and Face Fit Mount