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Our Interior Design Solutions are personalised to your home and styling needs.

Create the look you want, regardless of budget or time frame and let your home shine.

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Neluka Jayasuriya

Interior Designer

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“We aspire to create innovative spaces that captures the essence of our clients individual style”

Our Design Process


01. Our First Consultation: The first step is to arrange a suitable time for a consultation, to get to know you and view the space you wish to work on. This will be a great opportunity for us to ensure we are on the same page. Your requirement could be to change or create a new look and feel for a space, updating or buying new pieces of furniture, window treatments, accessories such as cushions and so on.


02. Project Brief: The next step will be to start the project with a Brief, consisting of details discussed on your aesthetic vision, functionality, defining your style goal, colour scheme, budget and so on.


03. Concept Design: The next phase will be the process of concept development of the project space based on your brief. We will develop and present you with a visual representation of what your space will look like.


04. Implementation: The final stage will be the conclusion of the development and documentation of the design and the start of the Implementation of the project recommendations.

Project Brief 3D Drawings